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Goals of a Scene

Here is a list of some scene goals to consider for your story. It really helped me focus my writing. When you write, try to think about these things, answer these questions, and your story will take on more direction and meaning.

General Goals
What do you want this scene to accomplish?
What do you want the reader to feel during this scene?
What information should the reader learn in this scene?
What is the most interesting/memorable aspect of this scene?

Plot Goals
Does this make sense with the plot?
Is this scene an important plot point or subplot?
Does this scene advance the plot at all?
Is this scene necessary? Why?

Pacing Goals
Does this scene flow from the last scene and into the next?
Is this scene abrupt or disjointed? Should it be placed somewhere else in the story?
Does the writing style of the scene fit the actions and feelings of the scene?
Is there too much dialogue or description in this scene? Or not enough?

Character Goals
What does each character hope to accomplish in this scene?
What do your characters want other characters to think of them?
Are your characters acting or reacting in this scene?
Do you need their reactions or would it be more effective to show that later (or the results of their reaction)?

What do you think about these goals? Any others to add?

Happy Valentine’s Day to anyone who celebrates it! For a little Valentine’s Day treat, here’s a small snippet from my WIP, Wolf Havoc.

“Do you love me?” she asks.

“Of course, I do,” I reply right away, taking her hands into mine. “Don’t worry about that. I asked you out, remember? Have a little more confidence, okay?”

She nods, and for a moment, I worry she knows it’s a lie. But then she smiles and snuggles into me. “I love you too.”


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