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Seven Deadly Sins of Writing

C.E.L. Stefani tagged me to share my Seven Deadly Sins of Writing. Thanks for the tag! I’m excited (and nervous) because I finally get to share a small excerpt from one of my WIPs. So here we go!

The following questions are based on the seven deadly sins and are relevant to reading and writing.

  1. Pride – Share a line or small scene that you’re really proud to have written.

Here’s a short scene from Wolf Havoc, the urban fantasy book I’m currently writing.

A boy wearing a vibrant green jacket sits behind me. Earbuds dangle from his ears, which are bedecked with multiple piercings, and an MP3 player pokes out of his jacket pocket, blasting music so loud I can hear it without my wolf abilities. He closes his eyes and mouths the lyrics to the song, too lost in his world of music to notice me. Good. That makes things easier.

Staring at my notebook, I try not to think about how much this day is going to suck.

A sharp cry of pain nearly escapes as my hands clench into tight fists. There’s an unwelcome hand on my shoulder, tapping in a rhythmic staccato. Shrugging my shoulders away from the boy, I send a clear message that I don’t want to be bothered. He doesn’t get it.

“Hey.” He taps again.

Annoyed, I whirl around to face him with a sharp glare.

“Hey, you’re new!” he exclaims, undeterred by my hostility. His green eyes are almost as bright as his jacket, and there’s something electric about his smile, like the sensation of being tickled. I really don’t want to smile, but my mouth is starting to stretch in unfamiliar ways. No. No. I can’t smile back. If I smile back, he’ll think I want to be his friend. Must think about sad things, must remember.

The frown is back in a split-second, and for a moment, I see my old friend and not this overfriendly stranger. For a moment, I’m back in the forest, and my whole world is crashing down all over again.

2. Envy – Tell us about a book you wish you’d written.

The School for Good and Evil series by Soman Chainani. Words cannot describe how much I love this series with all its twists and turns, its tropes and counter-tropes, magic, what have you.

3. Wrath – Tell us about a trope or cliche that makes you furious.

Pointless love triangles. You know, the ones where one of the options never had a chance anyways.

4. Gluttony – Tell us about a trope you can’t get enough of.

Disguises. From comedies like The Importance of Being Earnest and Twelfth Night to angsty hide-identity-or-be-killed stories like An Ember in the Ashes. I love them all!

5. Lust – Tell us about a character you’d do unspeakable things to.

I’m going to be honest. I’ve yet to come across such a character.

6. Sloth – Tell us about your favorite form of procrastination.

Definitely talking about writing or books with friends.

7. Greed – Tell us which author’s top of your auto-buy list.

Tamora Pierce. Still waiting on three new books from her!

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4 thoughts on “Seven Deadly Sins of Writing

  1. I enjoyed seeing some of your work. 🙂 I understand his pain. Those types of people who constantly bug you despite an obvious sign you don’t want to be bothered annoy me. I like your writing style and I’m interested to read what happened in the forest. I can’t stand those love triangles either. Is there ever an instance where the person picks neither of the two?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! Glad you liked it. 🙂 The goal was to make him annoying (and invasive and way too comfortable with skinship). Those types annoy me too; they’re totally oblivious to other people’s feelings. If you find such a book, let me know. I’d be interested to read that!

      Liked by 1 person

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