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Villain Motives: A Comprehensive List

No matter the plot, your villain needs a motive, even your lesser villains. Here’s a list with some examples from popular movies to help you figure out what your villain’s goals are and therefore, plot better for him/her/it to attain them. Power (Regain or Attain More) Macbeth (Macbeth) Scar (Lion King) Jafar (Aladdin) King Stefan… Continue reading Villain Motives: A Comprehensive List

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Quarterly Goals for 2016 (January-March)

Writing/Editing Goals: Finish Editing the books I wrote during Nanowrimo (into 2nd draft form) Redraw map for Nanowrimo story (and possibly get it professionally remastered) Work on rewrite of Wolf Havoc (working title) Complete plotline for Wolf Havoc Complete chapter map (bullet point list of events that happen in each chapter) for Wolf Havoc Other Goals: Read at least 15… Continue reading Quarterly Goals for 2016 (January-March)