Character Goal Chart: Example Draco Malfoy

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Draco Malfoy

Family Situation: Father expects a lot from him, only child, his father used to be a criminal; when his father’s master returns, he rejoins the criminals and Draco gets swept into the mess. His father’s failure lands a big task on him as punishment and Draco must do the ultimate criminal act: murder. Draco struggles to 1) prepare the task, 2) come through for his family to keep them safe, and 3) actually commit the act of murdering someone who he has nothing against personally. Despite all the danger, his parents truly love him, and in the end, it comes down to keeping his family safe and together.
School Grades: Probably mostly O’s, particularly in Potions class with his father’s old friend and fellow Slytherin, Professor Snape.
Friendships: Draco doesn’t really have true friends. He has cronies that follow him. Crabbe and Goyle joined him because all of their fathers had worked for the dark lord. Draco had intended to add Harry Potter as a friend since he defeated Voldemort as a child (meaning he could be a powerful wizard, not to mention his fame), but Potter rejected him. Draco never forgot this and made it his personal mission to torment Potter and his friends. Draco couldn’t even befriend any members of the quidditch team; he had to buy their friendship and his spot on the team by getting his daddy to buy them all new broomsticks. Throughout Draco’s years at Hogwarts, he never makes any new true friends. And Crabbe and Goyle are just followers who listen to whatever Draco says and eat as much as they can.
Biggest Problems: Family’s involvement with the dark lord, his father’s failure, easily offended (by Potter), holds grudges (towards Potter), school bully, gets put in a position he is too young and inexperienced to handle, uses his father as a crutch: “my father will hear about it!”

2 thoughts on “Character Goal Chart: Example Draco Malfoy

    1. Very true. His environment had such a big influence on his future and shaped his views and opinions (such as hating mudbloods). In addition, his father had always been pressuring him to be just like him.


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